What is Dana?

dana-statueIn the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are considered so precious as to be priceless; they are given freely, with the opportunity to offer voluntary donations.

Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is the ancient Pali word for “spontaneous generosity of the heart” or simply, generosity.

We are a small group and all of our expenses are supported by dana.

We thank you for your generosity.

Limited Income Discounts Available

Limited income discounts are available for all our programs; 50% off all our suggested dana or any amount that you are able to offer.

If your budget does not allow for any dana, we welcome your attendance. Simply show up, no explanations are needed or requested.

You may also only attend mornings of our full day retreats – suggested dana $23 (limited income discount policy also applies, so 50% off, or whatever you can give).

For our Friday Public Talks and Saturday Programs & Retreats, you are welcome to attend the Public Talk only and/or the Saturday Retreat, whatever your interest and schedule allow.

Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is necessary.